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Dark Horizon born in Piacenza on September 1996, by an idea of the guitarist Daniele Mandelli and Alessandro Battini (keyboard) that intend to form a cover band of power metal After a year the line up got stabilize with Claudio Gallini (Bass), Luca Capelli (Drums), and Pietro Gandolfi (vocals). The band had a lot of concerts in various locals of the zone reaching a great agreement and understanding, playing songs of Iron Maiden, Savatage, Manowar, Angra, Stratovariuos, Helloween, etc. In 1998 born the idea of a concept album fantasy in 8 tracks that tells the life of a knight. The four songs, present in the first demo "Legend in opera", are recorded on May 1998 at Elfo-Studio in Agazzano (PC). Now the sound of the band can be defined "Symphonic Metal", even if the influences of the sound are so many; We can hear the classic metal of Iron Maiden, the metal more articulated of Angra, without forgetting the epic metal of Virgin Steele or the speed typical of Stratovarius. But the real feature that distinguish the band are the "solos" directed to the classical music with real symphonies; in fact the tracks are so long and articulated. The demo tape's so accepted from the underground's ambience and also by the specialized 's magazines with optimum reviews (FLASH 116 of 9/98; METAL SHOCK 280 of 2/99; POWER ZONE 1 of 9/98; METAL HAMMER of 11/99). The band attracts the attention of the label: "Underground Symphony" that gives a contract to the band with the second demo "unnamed" of the June 1999. And the line up of the band turned in: Vocals: LUIGI MAIONE Guitar: DANIELE MANDELLI Keyboard: ALESSANDRO BATTINI Bass: ANDREA GALLI Drums: MARCO POLLEDRI In December 1999, January 2000 the band records at Elfo studio the whole album: Legend in opera, but the ending work of mastering has been made by Luigi Stefanini at New sin Studio of Loria in Treviso. In the album there are a lot guests like Elvira maione, famous soprano, a flautist, a percussionist and a player of "filicorno". The four "Horizons" play in a lot of and prestigious power festivals with bands like: White skull, Skylark, Mesmerize, Projecto and Wonderland (Turin-Supermarket 1 0/99, Lu Monferrato Mephisto 4/99 with review on Flash of 6/99; Pisogne Metal master 9/2000; etc). In June 2000 they record at Zenith studios in lucca, under the supervision of Frank Andiver the cover of the song Aliens (Warlord) for a tribute made by Underground Symphony where participate also: Skylark, Projecto, Shadows of steel, Wonderland, Doomsword. In the month of may 's realized the cover of "heart of Steel" (Manowar); this track's included in the track list of the Manowar's tribute published in the March 2000 for the Steelborn Records (division of the Northwind Records). For problems linked to the label, in the summer 2001, the band's changed label passing to the Steelborn Records (division of the Northwind) of Tortona and they are waiting for the launching of the record for the month of November.

Line up:

Roberto " Jessie" Quassolo - Vocal

Daniele Mandelli - Guitar

Tiziano Ruggeri - Guitar

Alessandro Battini - Keyboard

Andrea Galli - Bass

Luca Capelli - Drums